The Rajbari Bawali



Located in the Bawali Village around 2Km from Kolkata, this 300-year-old heritage hotel is a fine example of relaxation and leisure accommodation. 30 peaceful and luxurious rooms and suites designed and decorated to treat its guests with a unique hospitality experience. Once the headquarters of Zamindar Kingdom, it was lost for a long time but its current owner renovated and restored to what it looks like now, focusing on the cultural, historical and heritage aspects. Located in the heart of Bawali, every morning here is welcomed by the soothing sound of birds chirping all around.


The Piano Room at Rajbari Bawali offers a wide range of local and international cuisines including Thai, Continental, Indian, etc. The guests are served dishes prepared from fresh ingredients and vegetables and local spices handpicked from the surrounding villages. The guests must try Bhetki Paturi, a traditional dish of Barramundi, marinated and steamed with Bengali mustard in a Banana leaf.