Jagat Niwas Palace



Nestled in a fertile valley on the breezy, eastern banks of the famous Lake Pichola, the Jagat Niwas Palace is a heritage boutique hotel and is highly acclaimed for its location and for the stunning view that it provides. The resort provides serene views and a relaxing stay with family and friends away from the chaos of daily life. Wake up to melodious birds, soothing gushing of water, and breathtaking views at this property.

The rooms here not only offer views of nature's abundance but also match the rich heritage of Rajasthan while giving you a luxurious feel. The property offers exclusive experiences such as a private dinner on Jagat Sagar, a live puppet show, live traditional music, and many more. Chandani and Jhadoka Restaurant provides delicious meals. Jagat Niwas Palace has an in-house bakery that offers the finest bakery items.