Chamba Camp by TUTC

Near Leh


Every day you stay at Chamba Camp – and assuming you’re awake early enough – you’ll gaze out at Thiksey Monastery in the valley below, bathed in morning light of exquisite quality, and be eternally glad you made it here. It’s a very long way from tourist-trodden India, and is one of a handful of traveller-style camps hidden in the mountainous Ladaky district. This is the northernmost part of India, sparsely populated and with altitudes of up to 6500m. For one thing, the tents in this little settlement set new standards for sumptuousness – there’s a butler service, a beautiful bathroom, a private verandah, and a writing desk with spectacular views where you can harvest your thoughts. For another, your daily excursions will immerse you in the remote beauty and ancient traditions of the surrounding area. It’s a place of stunning contrasts. You’ll be immersed in a thunderous polo match in the very region where the royal game originated; then you’ll be taking morning prayers with Buddhist monks. You’ll be going on long walks through ancient villages or Old Leh City, and then rediscovering traditional dances and music performed by a dedicated troupe of local performers.