Woods at Sasan

Sasan Gir


Settled amid the mango plantation at the edge of the Gir National Park, the Woods at Sasan is a standout amongst other extravagance resorts in the Sasan Gir. This high-quality eco-boutique extravagance resort and spa is the primary such ultra-extravagance resort in Sasan Gir, which is overseen by the 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts. Presently, vacationers can appreciate the best of the extravagant offices at the edge of the Gir Forest, the conspicuous untamed life goal for the locating of Asiatic Lions in their normal natural surroundings. 

The retreat spreads in an eight-section of landfilled thickly with the mango trees and another estate to give you the ideal wilderness arrangement around you. Drench yourself in the peacefulness of the woodland feeling at this hotel which is the ideal mix of the top-notch extravagances of the city and the tranquility of the backwoods.