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Some people say that Rajasthan is like walking onto a movie set. It is, in fact, like walking into a giant movie studio, with lots of different themes, players, props and dialogue. At first it’s surreal, seeing ornate Mughal palaces one minute, desert the next. Ancient pink forts alongside contemporary chic, luxury trains followed by camel trains. Consequently, it covers all genres with comedy, dramatic, arthouse and adventurous moments all in a day. You will look on in awe at the temples and multi coloured cities, vibrant markets and elegantly dressed people, feasts and festivals, right up until credits roll.

Rajasthan is India’s largest state (10% of India’s total area) encompassing much of the mighty Thar Desert, one of the driest places on earth. Rajasthan has a rich culture and there are many ancient forts across the state reminding visitors of its feudal history.


Rajasthan’s tigers may be elusive but, just like all of Rajasthan, beauty jumps out to surprise you when you least expect it. The colorful blue buildings of Jodhpur glisten like sapphires in the desert setting. The pilgrims of Pushkar adorning the waterside ghats look like sacred sculptures themselves. An old town market stall selling natural dyes illuminates a smoggy day in modern Jaipur. The coloured saris of women working in the fields pop up like flowers between paddy. And the sight of a peacock displaying and dancing in Ranthambore National Park takes your breath away. Until you see the eye of the tiger that is. Then you’ll be displaying and dancing too.

Udaipur Private Tour

Known as the City of Lakes and Venice of the East, the shimmering water of Udaipur helps create magical sunsets. As well as hosting fictional Martini-supping lotharios, Udaipur is also famous for its historic forts, temples and palaces, galleries, museums and traditional fairs and festivals.

Jaipur Private Tour

Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan. It is known as the Pink City because many of the buildings in the old part of the city are painted pink. The most famous of these is the much photographed Hawa Mahal (the Palace of Winds). Other places to see include the Amber Fort, City Palace and Jantar Mantar. It is also known for shopping and the bazaars are lively.

Jaisalmer Private Tour

The remote outpost of Jaisalmer is situated in the far west of Rajasthan in the picturesque Thar Desert. It was once a flourishing trade centre along the busy caravan trade route and is now a popular destination for tourists. The city has a sandstone fort at its centre and there are many beautiful havelis built by the wealthy traders. Come here for thrilling camel rides in the desert!

Pushkar Private Tour

A sacred town for Hindus, and spectacular, spiritual experience for all travelers. Pushkar Lake is considered holy water and, therefore, surrounded by over 400 temples, including the multi-coloured Brahma temple. There are ghats galore, steps that take worshippers into the waters. Pushkar is a place to be immersed in Rajasthani culture.

Bikaner Private Tour

Bikaner is an atmospheric medieval city in the Thar Desert. This ancient city is home to the 16th-century Junagarh Fort, an enormous complex of ornate halls and buildings, and the Bhandasar Temple with its beautiful paintings and yellow stone carvings. Bikaner is also well known for the international camel breeding farm!

Jodhpur Private Tour

Set amidst the stark landscape of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is known as the Sun City because of the number of bright and sunny days it experiences, and as the Blue City from the blue hued houses in the old area of the city, painted to discourage termites due to adding copper sulphate to limewash. It offers a number of forts & palaces, along with shopping bazaars.

Ranthambore Luxury Tour
Ranthambore National Park

Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers will be in heaven at Ranthambore. Once the former hunting grounds of Jaipur Maharajas, the park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957, gained the protection of “Project Tiger”. Spend a few days on safari feasting your eyes on all of its fauna, tucked in amongst the wild array of tropical forest.

Bundi Private Tour

Off the main tourist trail, it has a wonderful location on Bundi Lake, which is covered in lotus flowers & overlooked by Bundi Palace, where peacocks roam around shabby chic splendor like time never stripped them of any beauty. Taragarh Fort is worth the climb, and you can also descend the 200 steps of the Queen's Step Well, just one of 17th century step wells here.

Mandawa Private Tour

This region is like an art gallery in the desert where you will see the historic remains of once magnificent mansions, bedecked with murals. Some fading fast, others being rightly preserved. These are not to be missed. Mandawa is a particularly fine example of one of these towns. In contrast, it’s also an area where you can stay in glamped up mud huts, all eco, all exquisite.

Bharatpur Birding Tour
Bharatpur National Park

Unusually for a desert state this park has a stunning wetland, thanks to the Maharaja of Bharatpur who artificially flooded it in the 1700s and created a shooting ground for Maharajas and British viceroys. Come here to see stunning array of over 360 bird species including kingfishers, egrets, coots and storks, as well as the elusive fishing cat.

Private Rajasthan Tours

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Rajasthan private tours
Rajasthan Delights

17 Days

Delhi / Mandawa / Bikaner /

Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Narlai /

Udaipur / Pushkar / Jaipur / Agra

Off Beat Rajasthan Tour
Off-Beat Rajasthan

20 Days

Delhi / Alsisar / Nagaur / Jaisalmer /

Rohet / Narlai / Udaipur / Bundi /

Nimaj / Jaipur / Ramathra / Agra

First timers India Tour
First Timer's India

13 Days

Delhi / Agra / Jaipur / Jodhpur /

Udaipur / Mumbai

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