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Nepal is the land of mountains and monasteries. This landlocked country has the perfect fusion of nature and culture. Picturesque Himalayan range in the North, roaring rivers making their way through the hills to the plains, lush green paddy fields and quaint little villages everywhere, its scenic beauty will leave lasting image on your mind. Nepal definitely is the ultimate destination for those who prefer to stay closer to nature and immerse themselves in various cultures. From rugged trails to scenic views, from rafting on swollen rivers to sighting wild animals in their natural habitat, it offers a rush of adrenaline for every nature-loving adventure seeker on its diverse array of landscapes. Dotted by medieval city squares, temples and monasteries, the capital city Kathmandu enjoys a rich tapestry of cultures blending to form a national identity. The Kathmandu Valley has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and serves as the country’s cultural metropolis since the unification of Nepal in the 18th Century.


People of Nepal are known for their hospitality, friendliness, and warm nature. Always welcoming to their guests, Nepalese people consider guests as a god, so be ready to be treated with uttermost respect and kindness in every place you travel.

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Nepal Luxury Private Tours

Essential Nepal

The Sound & Sights of Nepal

12 Days

Kathmandu - Pokhara - Bandipur - 

Chitwan National Park

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