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A cosmopolitan city of islands and waterways, Cochin is famous for its precious spices and silks, and was once a major trade port, as can be seen by the European influenced architecture.

Arguably one of the most picturesque places in Kerala, Cochin oozes history and tranquility. Traders have been drawn to this port from all over the world for hundreds of years and left their mark, which can be seen throughout the city from the giant Chinese fishing nets and the crumbling Colonial architecture, to the ancient mosques and 16th century Jewish synagogues. Take an early morning stroll along the waterfront where the fishermen bring in their catch, wander around the historical port of Fort Cochin breathing in the spice-heavy air and enjoy a harbour cruise at sunset. 

Marco Polo, the Dutch East India Company and the British all shaped its development and at Fort Cochin stands India’s oldest European church.

Things to do in Cochin

Featured in National Geographic Traveler’s '50 greatest places of a lifetime' under the 'Urban Space' category, Cochin (Kochi) has carved an impressive niche for itself. It is the first European colonial settlement in India and is also known as the Gateway to Kerala. Surrounded by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kochi or Cochin (Kochi) was formed as an ancient port city after the Great Floods of the Periyar River. Historically rich in culture, the city has witnessed settlements ranging from the Portuguese to the Chinese. Besides being a fast developing commercial and industrial hub, the city also possesses an undeniable vigour.

Dutch Palace Cochin

Dutch Palace

Also known as Mattancherry Palace, it was built by the Portuguese and presented to the Raja of Kochi in 1555 AD. It acquired the present name after 1663 when the Dutch carried out extensions and repairs. Its interiors are decorated with murals from the Ramayana and there are some lively displays of royal costumes and palanquins. 

St Francis Church Cochin

St. Francis Church

The St. Francis Church was originally built by the Portuguese in 1510 AD and is believed to be the oldest church built by the Europeans in India. It is here the remains of the inveterate traveller, Vasco-da-Gama were initially buried and 14 years later, his mortal remains were taken to Portugal.

Jewish Synagogue Cochin
Jewish Synagogue

India has always welcomed people with generosity, humility and with open arms. One fine example of this hospitality is the Mattancherry Synagogue. More popularly known as the Paradesi Synagogue, it is the oldest synagogue in the common wealth of nations.

Kathkali Dance Kerala
Watch Kathakali Dance

Kathakali is one of the most complicated, highly stylized Indian art form that  is basically a Dance Drama noted for its heavy and attractive larger than life make up, elaborate costumes, detailed body movements, synchronized eye-hands movements and thematic presentation of stories with rhythmic steps.

Chinese Fishing Nets Cochin

Chinese Fishing Nets

The huge cantilevered Chinese fishing nets that droop towards the waters like over-sized hammocks have become a hallmark that represents Fort Kochi on the tourist map. The sight of the nets, suspended in mid air and standing in line on the beaches, when silhouetted against the sunset is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Heritage Fort Cochin Walk

Fort Cochin Heritage Walk

Get a glimpse into Cochin’s rich history and heritage, showcasing the mixed Dutch, Portuguese, British and Jewish influences that make the city unique. You will visit the old quarter of Fort Kochi, exploring the quaint streets of this city on foot. Also visit Fort Kochi’s seaside promenade, and get a glimpse of daily life in Kochi.

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Brunton Boatyard Cochin

Brunton Boatyard



Fragrant Nature Cochin

Fragrant Nature



The Dewalokam



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